Slip away out the back door
Get away from the scenery score
In the car, you’re ready to move
In the backseat, you start to groove

Right turn, left turn
Got the boys in both hands
Playin’ in stereo
Like you do with most bands

Unlocking the door
I can tell you, can’t wait
Seekin’ power rockin’
Girl, you love to vibrate

Can’t get to sleep ’cause I hear you squealin’
Like a stuck little pig, you love the feelin’
I wish, you’d shut up ’cause I’m tryin’ to sleep
I’m gonna gag, you gonna push it down deep

Running out of breath
You’re chokin’ fast
You begin to sputter
You’re not gonna last

Jackhammer, pounding your pile
Jackhammer, you’re gonna cream
Jackhammer that’s your style
Jackhammer, you’re gonna scream

There you go again with your dirty little mind
Trying to turn me on, won’t happen this time
Hangin’ around and that won’t do
Nothing on my mind but gettin’ rid of you

Time for you to leave
Can’t take no more
Just wanna see you
Walking out the door

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