I wanna make a move
You know ya got me sweatin
I’m heatin up from you
And there’s the point I’m getting to
You wanna get with me
As far as I can see
Trying to find the words to
Let me know
Just stop wasting time
And tell me what is really on you’re mind

If you want me to come over
Just say yes
Cause baby you know that’s one word
You won’t regret
And if you’re ready to go there
I promise you this
You’ll never say no-no more
Just say yes

I know were moving fast
I got a funny feeling
That we can make it last
There’s more than just one reason why
We both came here tonight

You know you can’t deny
You’re tryin to find a way to
Let it show

Three letters let me know just how you feel
Together you know we can make it real
You don’t have to be afraid
I’ll be waitin till I hear you say

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