Father you are no teacher holy ghost you’re no savior ’cause the earth is left to fate
Full of anger and of hate and I never saw you change our behaviour no no
Under the moon striving the end will be soon dying heavenly force show us the way to follow
It’s never too late to try we could be closer here you and I
Come down from your mountain drink from the fountain of life
Help us remember who we are we must have come here from afar
Enlighten our minds we can’t see the signs killing in time oh oh
Precious woman she is calling I see her bloom from the love that I’m sending
But there’s no harmony in the faces that I see talking in riddles playing the fiddle of life
Thousands of tears have run out from the core of my eyes
I’ve got nothing to loose I’m a rebel denying my fright oh yeah
Balancing high on the wire unsteady I move towards the firestorm
Born here to die carried away and more than a few shall remember the days
I was roaming the world with my power and pain for a moment in time my music will stay yeah
We can’t remember what we are we always seek that distant star
Give us a sign we’ll live with a crime killing in time
Enlighten our minds we can’t see the signs killing in time yeah yeah
And I’m losing my mind oh oh I’m losing my mind ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

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