The last time I fell in love, was long ago..
I didn´t know how to give my love at all,
The next time i setteld for, what felt so close.. but without romance you´re never gonna fall. After everything I´ve learned, how it´s finaly my turn..
This is the last time I´ll fall in love..

The first time we walked under that story sky, there was a moment when everything was clear.. And I didn´t need to ask or even wonder why, because each question is answered when you´re near. And I´m wise enough to know, when a miracle unphoned, This is the last time I´ll fall in love..

Now don´t hold back, just let me know,
Could I be moving much to fast or way to slow.. Cause all of my life, I´ve waited for this day, to find that once in a lifetime, this is it, I´ll never be the same..
You´ll never know, what´s taking me to say these words, And now that I´ve said them, they could never be enough.
As far as I can see, there´s only you and only me..
This is the last time I´ll fall in love..(3x)

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