If it roars let it roar
Ya gotta understand it’s everything you’re looking for
If it bleeds let it bleed
Gotta realize it fills every aching need

Heaven knows the answers to your dreams
An angel in disguise nothing it seems
The Devil knows what hides behind the eyes
Call out, call out… still a part of you dies

Let the fire burn your soul – Feed your needs don’t let
Let the fire burn your soul – Don’t turn back let
yourself go

And when it’s sweet oh so sweet
Like the thunder rising deep inside you feel the
burning heat
And when there’s fire let it burn
You lose control again and never never ever learn

Heaven knows there’s nowhere left to hide
You can run and run and feel there’s not a breath
The Devil knows no-one will hear your cries
Call out, call out… still a part of you dies


When i flies let it fly
There’ll be no holding on no matter just how hard you
And when it’s gone – Oh it’s gone
You gotta turn around and try to find out just where
you belong

Heaven knows you gotta find a way
As time goes by you have to learn to live another way
Stand and look the Devil in the eye
Call out, call out… let him know you’ll never never


Don’t turn your back on R ‘n’ R – Let it burn

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