Love Is A Heavy BrickI was left for dead
In spite of the time I spend today
On my own for
In spite of the charms I saved up
On my way
I went
Two more streets
I took a left turn
I went the other
I divided a field of weeds
I made a right side
I made a
left side
I put a price on the time I spent today
And I don’t see
Inside the
Eyes of Josie
But she knows
I do suppose

I took a day outta days
I usually spend
In the sides
I make
I went a little crazy
But little Josie got carried away
And every now and then
I look at all this I say and do
And all
the sides I make
And how they drive me crazy
But I know I won’t go
crazy so soon
And I hope Josie knows
But man I think I really need
to know
If she knows

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