[Intro]Love me right (love me)
Love me right (come on)
Love me right (love me right)
You got to do it to me right.

[Verse 1]What could take the place of you?
Nothing in the whole world
You?ve been bad boy even though I?ve been a good girl
Well the point is I?m in love
And you?re not acting like you should
You have treated me so wrong
Treated me bad and that aint good, come on

[Chorus]Love me right (love me right)
Make my body jump and shout tonight
You gotta love me right
Make me have to say oh me oh my
You?re quite a guy, dynamite
Love me right, love me right
Love me right, love me right
Take me to the highest kind of height,
You gotta love me right
Give me all you?ve got and don?t be jive,
Fight after fight, stay tonight, love me right
Love me right

[verse 2]My friends can see that you are shady, well
You don?t treat me like a lady, uh uh
I used to ignore that information, about your reputation, bad
But you don?t leave me much choice,
It?s been so long since I heard your voice
Not another night will I
Let you walk leaving me to cry, come on

[Chorus] [Bridge]I aint never gonna love no one who don?t love me right
If you keep treating me wrong you don?t love me right
Don?t be jive come on keep love alive, love me right
We can start real love tonight, come on and love me right

Love me right, jump and shout
Love me right, you?re quite a guy, dynamite
Love me right, highest kind of heights
Love me right, fight after fight, stay tonight

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