Long spiked heals. Leather and lace. Put in your place
Darkened room. Cuffed and chained. Pleasure is pain
Welts on my skin. I Beg for more. Dominant whore
I feel the need to beg and plead as I bleed

Smell of her sweat infects my brain. I’m going insane
Faceless mask starved for air. Strapped to the chair
She leads me on, I like it rough. It’s never enough
Red hot wax drips on my skin. I’m giving in
She wraps her hands around my throat. I start to choke
My head is light. I’m blacking out, excitement mounts

Make me suffer

Knocked on the floor, she steps on my chest. This is the
She knows the game, I want to scream. The girl of my
I fight the urge, I struggle within. She will always win
I’m getting close, breathing hard. Mentally scarred
The time is right to to end this game. I scream her name
I feel like a bitch but what the hell, she’ll never tell

Make me suffer

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