[Verse 2]I don’t like to boastBut our truffles are the mostMad-magical in Amsterdam(She won’t, she won’t)So if you have fear, ApolloSit on my lyre, andPlay ’em like a piano, man(I will, I will)[Pre-Chorus]Cause I love, love, cause I love, loveYou better than, you better thanMy darkest sinRussian hookers, and cheap gin[Chorus]I think I could be fineIf I could be Mary Jane Holland tonightI think we’d have a good timeIf you’d meet me and Mary Jane Holland tonight[Post-Chorus]Mary! Jane! Holland!Mary! Jane! Holland![Bridge]I know that Mom and Dad think I’m a messBut it’s alright, becauseI am rich as pissWhen I ignite the flames and put you in my mouthThe grass heats up my insides and my brunette starts to sproutIntroducing, ladies and gentleman, Mary Jane Holland![Chorus]

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