[Verse 1:]When she walked past the corner store I said hello what’s your name she said Tracy Danis
hello long hair, tight jeans, and stilletos conversation so good didn’t want to let go shorty your
a perfect 10 classical like violin I just can’t settle for a friend I need to know you more

[Chorus:]Your a masterpiece from your head to your feet well educated plus your so complete them
other gurls be hatin cause your so unique I love u cause you from the streets how can I be down
wit u shoot a couple rounds with you drop the mackin’ down on u and love we can do what u wanna do

[Verse 2:]I know I saw u round before bouncin on my block I saw u twice shoppin at the mall still
lookin sweet and tender u got that smile that I’ll always remember I only wanna get together love
I’m tryna know u better we can make it last forever I can’t get u out of my mind

[Chorus:] [Bridge:]Tell me why you tryna play the kid out love stop frotin can a brother take u out some
where I gotta lot of quality time to share gurl just say the word and I’m there all I wanna do is
maybe hit the clubs have a few drinks grab a bite to eat and head to the crib so I can do my thing
gonna have u up under my wimg

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