Hello beautiful May
the sun is here to stay
It is good to be here on such a day
Every day I turn a bit wiser
every day climbing a little higher
And every day I turn more into someone I admire

Walking on light as the wind
don’t need to be slim to fit in
As the fountain of youth disappeared with the fruit
so the gardens closed, but it’s easy to get in
Some people try to touch the stars
Plastic fantastic such a farce
While the universe expands to be untouched by human hands
Immortality can’t be bought or can it really?

Another day at the races, we try to stay ahead
of the future that changes us, but we’re all mislead
Or values are wrong, we think we can live forever
but we won’t be here that long

I don’t care anyway
gone tomorrow but still here today
There are so many ways for the soul to find its home
I guess it’s all in beliefs
It’s God, it’s Kharma, it is you and it is me
And all of these flavours make a believer out of me

Here I am doing fine
working my way outside the grand design
Won’t line up like a barcode, this life is mine
I’ll guess that what lies in the future will come to me in time

Methuselah’s children, all Gods in this playground
souls are being a part of the emotional wasteland
Equal like seeds it’s the year of the great flood
Wash away the dirt and the blood from our fingers
Only one solution be apart of their religion
find ourselves drowning in the ego of the many
Only one solution be apart of their religion
find ourselves drowning in the ego of the many-
we can’t swim

Look at the those people they’re moving in circles
collides at the edge of each turn
Look at those people I really believe
that their map is all wrong

“I was a star of a show long ago
do you know who I am, do you reminisce my face?”
“I was a cog in a wheel ’twas a square
I was aiming at the moon, but I landed in your living room”

Look at those people their circle is stretched
into one fragile lemming like line
Look at those people I cannot believe
that we’re letting them drown
Media creates an illusion of company
but we will always be alone
Empires rise and they fall during lunchtime
but this world is all that I have…

Look at those people
Utopia waits for the blessed
And the rest of us trying to cling
to the beauty that’s left in the world

Stand up and be counted once more
They’re dividing the rich and the poor
It will never be quite like the life you lived before
Let them be nine hundred years
evolution halts no-one cares
When we’ll draw our last breath and they’re all cheating death
Guess who’s free?

When the tables have turned
The viewpoint is new I stand at the peak
My dreams have come true There is no enough
More is what moves me now and this mirror needs a change

We’re all Methuselah’s children (Farewell beautiful May)
We wander the streets alone (I don’t care anyway)
We watch as the world turns cold (Farewell beautiful May)
The toys we collect are fools gold (I don’t care anyway)
And that’s the price we pay

Slowly consumed by a dream I resent,
future I could prevent if I only’d understand
But I assume that as long as we’re here
we just won’t really care

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