Yeah man, food fi di brain enuh
Even if yuh dont smoke it just promote it
herbs, healing, yow iyah mason fiyah mason
Yow, den again seh

Mi smoke mi chalwa meditate
Like king Solomon and king David
Whole heap a princess whole heap a queen
Allright dem mi guh stay wid
Mi chalwa meditate, like king Solomon and king David
Give Selassie I di praises, alright

**Verse 1**
Fresh herbs mek mi cough gimmi di one dem weh cure up
Do nuh bun beedi do nuh bun cigarette no do nuh bun
roll up
Gimme mi grabba bun back stabba and anodda cup load up
Bwoy blue have fifty pound eena one drum and a cure up
Got to get di high grade up eena europe
Police try pull mi ova leave like fast and di furious
Leave all a dem astonish and curious
Neva know iyah mason suh serious
Why mi guh smoke

**Chorus (x2)**

**Verse 2**
Hear dis, load up mi chalice one more time mi nuh know
weh dem a wait pon
Done know mason him already ready fi blaze up satan
Alright it neva ending saga burn down pagan
Mi light it a pipehouse dem smell dat up a natan
People deh pon di hill weh live up inna elliston
Yow Jah Mason burn dem caah dem know mi nuh response
Yow from yuh wicked do nuh put no resistance
High grade straight yow den den mi guh

**Chorus (x2) & repeat verse 1 & chorus**

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