Confinement of the Flesh

– Images created within these pages
Perhaps are ideas of my ill mind
– Infected thoughts disseminated
All creatures are feeling their symptoms
– They’ll make rip the skins of their bodies
Revealing their true human form

Enjoying myself as I consume
The flesh of your knowledge x2

We are unstable creators with the ability
To build and then exonerate our thoughts
Shifting forward on a path of derangement
To trespass and dismember the threshold of reality

Before this monolith of lies
Delightful defacement
Before this monolith of lies
Behaviors deviate
Before this monolith of lies
Execute the anthropophagi
Before this monolith of lies
– A breach on reality

From the confinement of the flesh
Thoughts cannot be taken away
No words come clear from this
Decrepit denaturalized mind

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