wipe the dead skin from these keys
so I can start this one off clean
let me introduce the scene
act 1 scene 1 a baby grand with broken strings
enter stage left a drifter lost and foraging
and in his hand a notebook filled up with his out-of-tune musings
he turns a page and he plays and sings this song

five billion suffering while i sleep underground
always en route to the next goodbye
a mother slaps her child but the kid don’t make a sound
and to my surprise neither do i

so i’ll just cut out my tongue and rip out my lungs
’cause they’re useless and atrophied
and i’ll fly them like kites applauding their sacrifice
oh yes it’ll be one great afternoon
hell yes it’ll be one great afternoon
when these burdens fly away like red balloons

have i gone insane
dreaming of hijacking this train
tears stream as i accelerate
to speeds where time willingly dilates
and i’ll watch this world die through these windows
it’s blurring but I still see people who could use my help
so I reach out
but i’m moving too fast
so I cry loud
i can’t hold my grasp

with no home my only keys are these yellowed ivories
and i’ll ask them rhetorically
is this all that my hands can do?

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