This little something in your eyes
Still makes me feel alive
Can’t believe you’re still inside (my head, my heart)
This furtive word you let escape
Shows that you still care
It isn’t so easy to fake…

You called me ‘friend’
Is it the way you see me?
Or is it just a comfortable lie?
Cos’ I’m not buying it

I’m afraid we’ve lost
All the things we got
It’s not love, it’s not hate, it’s not us anymore
I’m afraid you’ve lost
And became a ghost
It’s not us, it’s not our time anymore

It’s time now to turn the page
Time to erase all the rage
May you rest among my forgotten regrets
And become the best of them all

You didn’t say a word
There’s nothing left to share
Friends are not supposed to be
Strangers to each others.

Much more and much less than a friend to me
But I can’t tell what is worse…
We can’t be friends without reservation, without a
slice of desire.

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