Do you think you?re Peter Pan /
you refuse to be a man /
you don?t want the world to change /
you might have to rearrange /
You can?t make it face to face /
don?t you think it?s a disgrace /
that you used me for your ends doesn?t meet what you fefine as friend /
Tell the world that ?we? don?t understand, why I will not call you my
friend again /
You take the weight and lift me off your shoulders, so I can?t comfort or
bother you never again /
All your wisdom?s theory when you?re akting cowardly /
You had time and time again to remember who?s your friend /
Still you don?t know what it?s like /
to fight hard to get it right /
It?s not just words but it is deeds that friendship needs /
Tell the world of your love /
Enjoy like a little boy and smile /
Lucky you, you don?t have to pay the price /
Someone else eill be so nice /
And I know life is short yes and I know we must live /
But I cannot forget though forgive.

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