Hmm mm blue day and I face the world
One song and our lives are turning
It seems so far back when it all began
But time was closing in now I´m a fading man

Kings and queens love and dreams
I was like Romeo and Juliet was mine
Taken from the deepest sorrow
To the joys of tomorrow we´ll follow a rainbow

You´ll never walk alone
´cause we´re going home together
You´ll never stand alone like a burning sun
You will be my friend and sister til the end
I never cry alone aah ah

Lonely night and the starlight brings a feeling
Small and might in a picture so revealing
It´s all much clearer now there´ll be no return
So many moments passed us by
And we still got things to learn

Brave new time I wish you well
When I can´t hold on any longer
I hope you will tell my story with glory

Never walk alone on your journey home forever
Never shine alone like a crying sun
Won´t you be my friend and angel til the end
´cause I can´t walk alone

Never walk alone on this journey home to never
Never dream alone like a distant sun
I can be your friend and brother til the end
Don´t wanna die alone

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