No Lies
She was something like a bishops daughter I was
something like that too
She said hey let me take a card number 932
She was cute with her hair and golden thighs she set me
ablaze in the street
I guess she wanted me but I said I could stand on my
own two feet
I’m telling you, no lies, I’ll tell you no lies
No lies, you’re too wise
No lies, I’ll tell you no lies, no lies
Well her friend came up to me and said hey what you
gonna do
I know you’re crazy about that girl and she’s really
hot for you
I said wait a minute she’s OK and I guess I like her
And I turned around and there she was and she killed me
with her smile


Well I saw her here and I saw her there and I saw some
others too
But everytime I closed my eyes I thought of hers that
were baby blue
Well I dreamt of making love together on some lonely
Cos she’s the one who refreshes the parts that others
cannot reach




I’m feeling down and shaking I just didn’t know what to
But I knew I wanted her and I had to see it through
So having had so many beers the words came flowing free
I said I’d made my mind up and would you like to go
with me
she said yes


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