Standing at the crossroads,
Wondering which way to go
As I look around I see I’m not alone on this side of mine,
‘Cause this time,
I know I’m doing nothing wrong
Should I bust a basic left?
Or go on straight ahead,
And let that Roman way decide fate through this path of mine,
‘Cause this time there seems to be no other way
Now you know
Now you know
That what you have is all that I can give
Standing at the crossroads, wondering which way to go
Now i know,
Know what to do in this heart of mine,
‘Cause in this life,
Do you get a second chance?
It seems so obvious to me
So why can’t you see?
It’s up to you
I know what I need to do
‘Cause this time there really is no turning back
Now you know, now you know
That what you have is all that i can give

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