Running around in circles we don?t understand.
Running around in circles we can?t reach an end.
Running around in circles and we need advice.
When we finally stop this game with game with loaded dice.
Slow down. Slow down and see the other ways,
we?ve got to slow down.
Slow down? slow down? slow?
We?ve tamed the seas we?ve tamed the oceans and we still keep going.
Do you believe that on the day we have it all were satisfied.
I don?t believe we?ll see the need to change direction just in time.
And so we keep exploiting earth and we refuse to see it.
Pain ? You don?t understand but wait and see.
Don?t you understand.
Pain ? You don?t understand just wait and see.
And in my dreams there are these visions.
We can save mother earth.
We walk the street we sell our souls always pursuer our selfish goals.
We see the beggars in the lanes pretend that no one is to blame.
I can?t stand all your bloody lies these loaded dice when will we wake up.
Right wing, left wing extremists I clench my fist ?cos I can?t stand the.
Is every hope we have in vain ain?t this a self afflicted pain.
I know you want to lead astray you think our children?s children.
Will pay the price clean up the mess we?ve caused on earth for our
Global warning poison rain, mad cow disease now can you feel the.

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