to practice flight in your grasp
i feel withdrawn from your hands
the only difference isn’t clear
i shout my name but you won’t hear

and it seems like tomorrow has been and gone
there’s just no inbetween
sometimes i think the only way i’ll survive is alone
and i know that we’re all gods
but today i feel like nothing
i wanna redefine what it’s like to be on my own

it’s just how i feel sometimes
cause it’s so hard for me
no, i don’t want your sympathy
it’s just a part of my mind
i doubt you wanna hear this
though my feelings are so strong
it’s why i say i’m torn
and why i can’t conceive of bliss

the phoenix tries to to hold on all it has
it’s dreaming for the walls to fall and break apart
to fly away somehow yet always be at home
the phoenix falls again and always ends alone

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