[Tye Lead:]I can’t believe this
I’m not suppose to living like this
Thought it was fun
Thought I could do what I want
And I thought I was grown
And could make it on my own
I thought no one really understands me
And even though I’m home
I feel so alone
I thought do what you feel like doing
No one cares anyway
Maybe then someone will notice you

[G.A. & Tye]Now how I ended up where I am
I don’t know
I never planned on being here
The devil tempted me
And I was drawn away
But I have no desire to stay, oh

[Chorus:]Got to get out of here [Tye: I’m coming home father]I got to get out of here [Tye: Hey! ]I wanna be with you

[Tye:]I can’t believe what I got myself into
Thought I had everything under control
I didn’t realize the whole time
That the enemy had plans to destroy my life
Father please wont you have mercy on me
Please forgive me and restore your joy
I can’t imagine staying here till I die
I gotta get back to your side
&Now I realize

[G.A.]The devil tempted me
And I was drawn away [Tye: I was drawn away]But I have no desire to stay, oh

[Chorus:]Got to get out of here [Tye:Yea]I got to get out of here [Tye: I wanna be wit chu]I wanna be with you [x5] [Tye: in thee mist of the chorus:]Father I know I messed up
But I’m asking you to please take me back
Whoo, I’ll repent father
Yea!, I’m coming home
I wanna be with you Jesus
Anybody wanna be with the lord?
Yea!, here we go say “I!”
Hey!, Yea!
Please take me back [x3]I’m sick of the storm, “I”
I’m sick of my old ways
I wanna be with chu
Take me back Lord
I’m ready for change
Yea!, I got to get out
Hey, anybody going back tot he fathers house with me?
Come on and go with me [x3]Let’s Go!
He’ll take us back I know
He’s faithful Ya’ll come on!
Anybody wanna go back to the fathers house?
You kno you left his presence
And now things aint working in your favor… [Fade out]

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