I wish I was a melody moving through the airwaves
Unaffected by what anybody says
The sound of a piano and an old guitar
Make my home in a run down smoky bar

Wish I was a rolling stone, a free bird
Wish I was a poem, wish I could breathe love
All I ever wanted was to play in a band
I wish I was a grain of sand

My dreams are real, it’s people who’re fake
Wish I was a pure soul, a believer in fate
Wish a was a time traveler eyeing it all
I seek truth, I wish I was a fly on a wall

If I could be you just for a day
I’d take advantage of this life that I’m wishing away
Wish I was anybody else but me
I wish I was a melody

Life’s as silly as respect, I wish I was an insect
Surviving only on my intellect
I wish I was the world champ
I wish I was the man with the plan who could block out all the other crap

I wish I was a fox in the hen hoose
I wish I was the sort who could let loose
I wish I was a part of the movement
Wish I was a youth full of heart and exuberance

Get high on me, I wish I was a pull-up bar
Irony, I wish I was a shooting star
M.O.G., I wish was me from from ’03
I wish I free and lonely

Oh me, I wish I was the smart type
Wish I was an outlaw, wish I was a bar fight
I wish I was different when I’m kissing her
Wish I was everything that she’s wishing for

Wish a was, wish a was, wish a was a wanderer
Wish a was somewhere else, wish a was a foreigner
Wish a was hotter than august and getting warmer in her
Wish I was colder than a coroner’s thermometer

Wish I was the formula, wish I was the antidote
Wish I was the answer to the genre being a laughing joke
I wish I was a valuable spoke
In the turning wheel that I wish I was man enough to stop

I wish I was cool, I wish I was hope
I wish I was new, I wish I was old
I wish I was strong enough to crush the planet with my bare hands
I wish I was airbourne

I wish I was where the rich-off lives
But wishing’s nothing, I wish I was
I wish I was allowed to leave my cloud between death and living
Hell, I wish I was in heaven

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