Since November, I’ve been waiting for your sunrays to break through
How I wish that I could hold you,
’cause I need you I hope this storm’s just passing through
I remember when you eyes and the sky’s always shined so blue
Now every time that we’re together, it just seems like there is nothing I can do
So I’m playing the waiting game
(Still waiting)
And all I see is rain
(Still raining)
Rain, rain, rain
I don’t know if you’ll ever change
You’ve been raining since
December I guess it hasn’t been all that long
But it seems like it’s been forever I can’t stop it from pouring down
‘Cause you’re just like the weather
But I’ll be just fine, ’cause I know you’ll shine
And until that time, you’ll still be raining in my mind
(Raining in my mind)
When I’m dreaming everything is shaded black or white
What ever happened to the colours they’ve been washed away
By the rain inside my life
[Chorus (Repeat twice)]

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