[1] Baby I’m ready, and willing, cause I’m able to
Satisfy your fantasy
Baby I’m able (able), and willing (willing)
Cause I want it you can get just what you need
For one I’m a young man
And I’m takin’ the time to do things right
Keeping you satisfied all through the night
To wise I’ve let you slide
I just went for the ride
And I didn’t put pressure on you
I stood by your side
I just wanna let you know that
I’m ready to do all the things you want me to
Yes I am baby, oh yeah
And if you don’t mind baby
Let’s take it easy tonight
Let’s slow it down to my face
Love all up in your face
Cause I’m…

[Repeat 1]

Now wait a minute baby
Slow it down to my speed
Haven’t I always given you everything
But now it’s time girl to lay it all on the line
I don’t wanna get fast with you baby
I spend to much time
Just trna get to know you better
Since you found this with the lovin’ letter
Take you out to dance all of that romance
Give you things you like
Stood right by your side
If you wanna make right girl
Just standin’ here inside of your mind
I’ll never let go
Cause I wanna show you what I have inside

[Repeat 1 til fade (2x)]

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