While my life vanishes, my eyes bleed from sorrow
My languid path dilutes travelling by lost dreams
Bloodrain penetrates my body in the mortuary night

Dark is the heart of my being… blackness are my desires
I see in the memory’s garden my suffocated silences
Utterdarkness’ veils cover my soul in the dense blackwood

Hate’s tears will cover the garden of the lost wishes
My desires will materialize in deep oppression… and

Night fills up and the funeral notes dance furiously
Moon eclipses life and warms cold and dead corpses

My rebirth slips into eternity’s bloodriver
An eternity to tyrannize our executioner

Utterdarkness covers the reign of the false light
Funeral winds will reign in their lament’s garden

I’ll be reborn in the reign of the eternal silence…
…In the utterdarkness, eternal shadows will dance
around me…
…Forever !!!!!!…

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