A harsh storm approaches, the eastern darkness frays
Clouds of ammoniac crystals roar in its ruthless way

A grim lightning flashes, the blood-red horizon rebels
Answering thunders resound over the mountains shelves

Survival instincts lead me to caves of frozen water
Damping the mighty forces of sodium explosions
Where ice and liquid gases protect my sturdy life
Nourishing the engines, feeding my primitive flesh

(lead – Mai)
(lead – Hilbert)

From far above, securely locked
The master fades but tempts my will

Defined thinking, sub harmonically amplified
By falsifying reality he longs to take control

Survival well done, my thoughts refocused
As a vessel for the weak I may be abused

(lead – Mai)

…destined to be a tool of a fragile alien mind

Messages intrude like dreams of unseen planes
Their lovely sounds strangely take away my fear
The vision changes, another presence I do feel
Where instincts worked its strength shall heal

(lead -Mai)
(lead – Hilbert)

From far above, securely locked
The master steers and guards my will

My inner eye resolved, the ancient rites forgotten
Sharing one consciousness he shall dominate

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