While I turned my eyes to the sea

We don’t just swallow and believe

We are the uncrowned kings of the world to anyone

Now gather round so we can burn it down

My eyes are sore from these

Night lights – almost going blind

Breathe away heavy

My new life begins

I can see

I was wrong

I can change

We are the renegades!

And I let go

Of all I am

To become who I should be

And I let go

Of all that’s been

With newborn eyes I see

Face off my allies

You are agonized alive

In a narcotized and moribund culture

Skinless we are

One step further

Nightbound we are alike

Fear nothing but fear

Prove the doubters wrong

Chances are like worlds

We only got this one

We buried all our regrets

Our beliefs must be

Greater than our disgust



If you wanted to do

Something sincere

Something true and pure

It had to be

Done all along

Something to do for sure

“It’s a disease – Nobody thinks or feels or cares anymore

Nobody gets excited or believes in anything

Except their own comfortable little god damn mediocrity”

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