She might call ya honey tease with her eyes
Give her all your money listen to her lies
Breaking all the rule stay awake all night
Leave you in the morning
Just a note saying: “bye bye”

What if she squeezes – What if she please
What if she teases all night

Rock Candy – Never gonna stop
Rock Candy – Takes you to the top
Rock Candy – Never gonna stop
Rock Candy – She’ll rock you ’til you drop

Call her everyday but still there’s no reply
She’ll leave you with no answer as the days go passing
She’s your demon princess treat you like a slave
Whip you with her silence licks the wound she made

What if she bites you – What if she likes you
What if she hurts you all night


Let me tell you honey I ain’t your schoolboy
Love your dirty games but I ain’t just a toy
Please me with your smile don’t you treat me like a
Time to realise your life ain’t so cool

[Bridge 1 & 2] [CHORUS]

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