I need to get away this town a
If only for a day, I need to strut my stuff
The walls are closing in, don’t think I’ll ever will
Reaching for the moon, if I don’t get there soon
There’s gonna be a fight, might even be tonight
I’m gonna scream and shout, before I knock you out

[Pre-Chorus]Run! … Hide!
I’m still gonna find you
The whole things driving me insane
Got it running through my veins

[Chorus]I live the.. Rock & Roll Dream
Got to live the.. Rock & Roll Dream
Yes I live the.. Rock & Roll Dream
I can’t fight it no won’t fight it gonna live the..
Rock & Roll Dream

Take all your stupid rules you won’t ever make me see
I’m not the usual fool I never will agree
The problem that I’ve got, is that I want the lot
Move over, step aside, Psycho certified
My anger takes control, lies heavy on my soul
You don’t wanna see what this means to me

[Pre-Chorus] [Chorus]

Spotlight can’t pin me down I’m always on the move
Let loose around this town much I could prove
I run before I walk, kick out before I talk
Don’t ever question me, cos I don’t wanna be
I’m gonna take my chance, I’ll make a song a dance
I make to use tonight, I’m gonna shoot on sign

[Pre-Chorus] [Chorus]

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