The time is falling
Through mirrors of the past
My life as sand
Glides away too fast
The seeds of this journey

Rest in your frozen love
But now the dust
Is a layer upon my glass
Hibernated cry
Cryogenic heart
Faint memories
Are needles in my mind

Your decoded sorrow is keepin’ you alive
Programmed awakening
Then second life
Please awake from your eternal sleep, hear my cry
Your existence os following a path traced out by
ancient gods
But this bed of ice is the tomb of our newborn sun,
imploded pain
No one to ask, no one to charge with this absurd
I want to break this oath and return back emotions and
motion to you

Constellation of lust
Vacuum is the queen
Dominates the night
With her sceptre of light
Far invisible galaxies
Confined in my casket
Where I eternally sink
Constellation of lust
A castle in the sky
Hides among the clouds
Anchored by golden chains
Throne of Nibiru’s gods
Our exile is the same
You and me and millions silent sighs in between

Are you dreamin’ now? And do I transmit myself in your
Your still eyes are guiding our ship adrift in this
A black veil of waves that bring thoughts and fears of
Time disappears
Over the moors of fate
The sand of life
A dead inheritance
But I can’t hide
The cinder of my tears
And I can’t erase
It’s a grief too great to bear

Sheds our infinity
The wait
Into crystal cradles
Overturns in eternity
Controls my soul
Wired to breathing machines

Then our landing
On Labyrunthus Noctis
A new adobe
Into pyramids of Cydonia
A far shape, motionless warning
These eyes of stone
See what we can’t see
We are nothing we are alone
Lightyears of dark matter and chill
Our weird failure and no answer to give…

I’m fading away
In the lunar fog
Trapped inside walls of glass
You’re forever lost

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