On this day
The mistake was made again
One wrong man tries
To change the world
But I know they can’t
(Make our spirits fray)
Break our hearts
(We’ll find another way)
Re-define (the question in your mind)
Don’t ask why
Holding on (is harder than it seems)
But they can’t reach
(The people in your dreams)
Finding the strength from inside

Freedoms price, loss of life
Nations pain, all in vain
Wash this from my mind
In the wake of this fate
One more place laid to waste
Is it the last time?

How can we live like this?
Future of emptiness

Blinded eyes fed with lies
Justify reasons why
Leave this world behind

Scarred earth will pay the price
They destroy and don’t think twice
The world is closing in
The hate from all I’ve seen
Now that you have shown
The lengths to which you’d go
Bring the whole sky down
(Can’t control) raging fires burn
(What will be) a lesson man won’t learn

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