She’s like a model
and i’m not exactly the model type
we talk everyday
the most we say is hi and goodbye.
I feel like a stranger
but my neighbours i’ve know her all my life.

I order and call her
so I can tell her what’s on my mind
would she ever hear me
and sincerly truly give us a chance
Would she deny me
and reply we’re better off as friends


Could you imagine what would happen
if that could ever be
We could be happy ever after
writing my love across the sky.
Finally made her mine
somebody search my am i crazy
If I’m dreaming please don’t wake me up.


She’s outta my league, over my head
must be losing my mind
what made me think that she’d
ever notice me
she doesn’t even know i’m alive X2

I stare out the window
let the wind blow right threw my mind
I gotta tell her
I’ll write a letter
can’t keep wasting time
cos some other fella
undeserving is gonna win her love

it ought to be if ever
she wants to fall in love
Theres not a second
or a minute
not a single day
theres not a picture
of remembering her pretty face



If only she knew what I would do
I wouldn’t go she has no blue
If I could keep her by my side
She doesn’t even know that I’m alive
She doesn’t know that I’m alive

she’s outta my lake over my head
must be losing my mind
make me think that she
ever noticed me
she doesn’t even know
doesn’t even know I’m alive


yeah yay
she’s outta
i must be losing my mind
oh ho
she’ll never know

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