Hey don’t cry I don’t wanna see you sad alright? Everythings gonna be okay I promise (I promise, I promise…)

[Verse 1:]So many trials, tribulations, frustrations in this world,
From abusive parents, to love between a boy and girl,
At night she cries, tears roll down her big brown eyes,
She lost her closest homie & never got to say goodbye,
I understand and feel her pain, cause I been there too,
Lost my bestfriend Joey, which had left me sad & blue,
And this friend of mine is hurting everyday & everynight,
Homegirl it’s almost over so just sit there & hold tight,
But she tells me she would cry when shed get hit by her dad,
Despised those late nights, when her pops would come home mad,
There was nothing she could do, he was just a drunken joke,
So she started to do bad, getting high and sniffing coke,

Now this girl is just a youngsta, foolish at 17,
She should really know the consequence of what drugs bring,
Said she wants to end her life, she don’t care about her dreams,
Overdosing, ain’t no joke when you ain’t smiling fo me! (for me)

[Verse 2:]Another case, another person who is sad,
Growing up as a child, living life without a dad,
Never had a father figure, there was no one he admired,
Had a steady job, but did drugs so then got fired,
A high school dropout, at the age of 16,
Had to do something to support his mom and siblings,
He turned to streets cause he thought theyd give him faith,
But in the end he realized that it was all just a waste,
Startin slanging, started banging, attitude started changing,
Got more angry on a daily & drogas made him crazy,
And his mom involved so now she is a fiend,
Outta control on her kids, so now she is just mean,

And my homies hardly home so now he doesnt know,
That his mom & her boyfriend are using his doe on blow,
So he thinks what he makes is just never enough,
Wants to end his life now cause he says it’s just rough, (just rough)

[Verse 3:]Now this ones for my homegirl, her man is locked in jail,
Writing letters, sending pictures, to her man by mail,
Just had a baby girl and her name was Desiree,
Her daddys never seen her cause he has been away,
Locked up for a long time, hell get out when shes nine,
But he does receive pictures so to him that’s just fine,
And they hardly go and visit cause hes locked far away,
But they write him all the time, probably bout every day,
Homegirls doing her thing, has a family of 3,
No more playing games and going out, on shopping sprees,
Had to drop out of high [school], support her kid with a job,
Nobody hired her, so she moved out with her mom,

Gots to put food on the table, shes young but is she able,
This is a true story, this ain’t just a fable,
I understand she struggles I can see pain through her eyes,
At night she cries but covers her pain with a smile and lies, (smile and lies, smile and lies)

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