(feat. Erika Fox)

[Master P]Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Moe
The soulja boy never let you go
You gotta man he ain’t got to know
And tell your friends keep it on the low (ya heard!)

[Chorus: 2x][Master P in the background of chorus until chorus is done]hut 1, hut 1, hut 2 What!
hut 1, hut 1, hut 2 Huh!
[Erika Fox]The way – you – make – me – feel
Make me wanna run wit you
Such a boy can I roll wit you
I’m always lovin’ you [2nd time thru] [Master P][Verse 1]Check it out
You and ya girls come follow me
I’m the ghetto Bill Gates, they call me Master P
I learnt in the 3rd don’t trust your fo’z
I gotta couple diamonds with a mouth fulla gold
Platinum on the wrist, Bentley in the dri-i-i-ve
I learnt in the bricks how to slang and survi-i-i-ve
We No Limit Soldiers till the day that we die
And all my souljas rest, raise ya hands up high

[Chorus:2x] [Master P][Verse 2]How do you do my senorita
Finally say “I’m glad to meet ya”
Take you out the ghetto and then I’ll treat ya
I won’t let you cry and I’ll never beat ya
Ya got a man, I hope he can keep ya
Hit me on the cell or on the beepa
Roll a 600 Benz to the spot I’ma freak ya
Then pick a hotel that me and you can creep too

Hut 1, hut 1, hut 2 What!
Hut 1, hut 1, hut 2 Huh!
Hut 1, hut 1, hut 2 What!
Hut 1, hut 1, hut 2 Huh!

[Chorus:2x] [Erika Fox]I’ll be your soulja girl
Ain’t nothin’ like my soulja boy
I’ll be your soulja girl

[Erika Fox][Verse 3]I need a soulja boy ready to go to war
A fire boy with 20’z on his car
When I need some love he won’t be far
I need a ride or die thug that can work dat {?}(that’s me)
Talk that talk, but keep it real
And never stop but plays the bills
And I love the way he makes me feel
Thats why this soulja girls gonna keep it real

[Chorus: 2x] [Master P][Hook1: 3x]Hut 1, hut 1, hut 2 Ha!
Hut 1, hut 1, hut 2 What!

[Master P in background behind himself talking][Hook2: 4x]Hut 1, Hut 1, Hut 2

[Master P][Hook3: 4x]Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! [rhythm of the music]No Limit Soldiers can’t be stop

[Chorus:2x (without Master P in the background)]

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