Words I’ve felt, things I’ve known
All the while nothing has grown
And you have touched, you have sworn
To all the things now all forlorn

Do I dare, will I try
Will I break you from this lie?
Like innocence upon a stage
Run right out, left us enraged

I wonder why his suicide
Killed so many, made them lie
For their right to persist
In their speech of unfelt bliss

Thing I’ve seen, things I’ve killed
All the tears, the clear blood spilled
I question you, question me
But my own truth you do not need

Will I die, will I die?
Oh god please, please tell me why
Tell me now, tell me now
And all about the world somehow

I’ll take a breath in the stars
And let you know just how far
How I wish to know so soon
How I wish this might be true

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