I’m sittin’on my bed and I’m playing guitar
Singin’a lot of songs about love and war
Tonight I’m gonna play in my favourite bar
With my bluesharp and my acoustic guitar

Now it’s seven o’clock and I’m ready to go
At nine o’clock I have to start the show
But before I go, I’ve to remind a couple of things
My plecs, pincers and a lot of strings

But something still is wrong
I don’t know where it comes from
I can’t explain what I feel inside
I’ve got to hide
I can’t explain what I feel inside
Running through my veins and my trembling hands

I’m sittin’ on my bike and I’m ridin’ down the street
Thinkin’ about the people I’m gonna meet
Five minutes to nine, I’m feeling hot
And I step on the stage, my heart’s pounding a lot

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