In the village of Kildoran lived a maiden young and
Her eyes, they shone like diamonds, she had long and
golden hair,
The countryman came riding up to her daddy’s gate,
Mounted on a milk-white stallion, he came at the stroke
of eight.

Step it out Mary, my fine daughter,
Step it out Mary if you can.
Step it out Mary, my fine daughter,
Show your legs to the countryman.

I have come to court your daughter, Mary of the golden
I have gold and I have silver, I have land beyond
I will buy her silks and satins and a gold ring for her
I will build for her a mansion, she’ll have servants to

“Oh, kind Sir I have a soldier and I’ve pledged to him
my hand.
I don’t want your house nor silver, I don’t want your
gold nor land.”
Mary’s father spoke up sharply, “you will do as you are
You will marry him on Sunday and you will wear the ring
of gold.”

In the village of Kildoran there’s a deep stream
running by.
They found Mary there at Midnight, drowned with the
soldier boy.
In the cottage there is music, you can hear her father
“Step it out Mary my fine daughter, Sunday is your
wedding day.”

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