When you come across a roadblock in your life
knock it over it’s just a sign it poses no threat to
your journey
when you come across a wall in your life
and you cannot climb it or kick it down
remember you’re mostly made of space
just focus and separate
it shouldn’t be that difficult you weak human
like a jigsaw dislocate and fit the pieces through
concentrate to disperse your being to a cloud of vapour
like a ghost
like a phantom
like a million needles piercing at once
each fragment dancing between the particles of the wall
no care for obstruction no care for barriers
blowing through the microscopic dead forest
like freedom solidified
the personified mist cachinnates at the physical rules
imposed by the wall
nearing the end of its casual passage
as the journey ends the fragments pause to reconsider
reconstruction and contemplate new-found power
they made it this far beyond all human belief
a witness stares in confusion at the red mist
mind flickering at the effluvial monstrosity
the red mist soars at the victim
and unintentionally inhaled
to invoke the atomic break
down from the inside
newly formed particles
celebrate their release
to join the red mist’s conviction.

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