Lick and swallow! Plague, you won’t enter me again
Ill-disposed travelers spreading inside of me
Die, you weaken me
I know what you are
A sneaky passenger under a friendly disguise
I remember your terrifying work
Your endless spread. Your pieces colonizing bowels and guts
Infected cells, synthetic cancer
Like thousands invisible parts of broken glass making me secretly bleed
Their contaminated smoke invades me with symptoms beginnings
Dullness and shivers grow
My stomach burns
Paralyzing shoulders and spine
Swallow, all the water you would drink
All the showers you’d take for hours
Swallow, would not prevent from the noxious effect
For a neuronal hecatomb
Legs start to hurt
My sights lowly changes, I cannot think anymore
The bearable emptiness as things disappear
And leave me alone in a fiction no man’s land
Inhale, swallow
Feel like if you were someone else
I just want to sleep
With the hope never to awake
I hate these germs, this everlasting sickness
I just can see him, this pathetic man watching me
And his strength to make me open the mouth

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