Your talk is cheap but you still can’t afford this
You talk, you talk when the walk, in my walk
When you stalk me once, you stalk me twice
You talk, you talk, I won’t be so nice
You lost your class with your acts in Moldola
You don’t appreciate what you’ve got so
Talk at my cost and pay my price
Your alibis came easy as vice
Easier said than done, take my advice
Give me something substantial
Moments of pure bliss is difficult to dislike
But I’ve come to this conclusion and livin’ in this
crucial illusion
People talk shit
People spit when they talk in my face, is no joke
Don’t talk back
Why would I carry a conversation that has no
Don’t make sense
When we talk, I gotta say, I’m ready to walk away
I can’t stand the rhetoric
What’s the use in talking this out, what you talking

Check it out, we used to chill in the back of your
house, remember
When we made flags and was passin’ them out
There wasn’t, many things we wasn’t talking about
Any problems that we had, we was talking them out
No doubt, I used to take you up, all around town
Take you where you wanna go, just spin him a pound
But it was cool so, my dog like Cujo
Anything I had, you know, was yours for sure
We used to chill in Amsterdam, smoking illegal
In the Paradiso, chillin’ with Riko
Hours later, I was grabbing your coat
Nab back to the crib for a midnight stroke
It was more than a young man sowing his oats
There was many dawgs that your ass used to provoke
That made me sort of wonder ’til I almost choked
Can I make it a bad thing, it was murder she wrote
Had me driftin’ on the coast, was goin’ loco
Something like space ghost, goin’ coast to coast
‘Cos the only thing I wanted to do was get close
And you wouldn’t even talk to me
C’mon, c’mon, talk this out, talk this out

Don’t turn your back on me
Turn around slowly
Silence is binding me
Why won’t you talk to me
Don’t turn your back on me
Turn around slowly
Silence is binding me
Why won’t you talk to me
Talk to me
Talk to me
Talk to me

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