Thursday morning 8:15 and I’m watching the clock
I’m lying on my bed with a radio on
Someone’s starting to rock
Thursday morning 8:17 and I’m watching the clock
You’re on the way to the station
With a suitcase in your hand

Thursday morning 8:25 and I’m watching the clock
You’re sitting on the train, it’s starting the engine
You’re on the way to another town
Thursday morning 8:36 and I’m alone again
I don’t know how to stand the next week
The only things in my head are

Ten days, ten days, I’m acting in the back
Ten days, ten days, cannot move my legs

You said you will write a letter, and you will try to
If you’ll find some time
Half past ten I’m writing this song and I’m waitin

Ten days later 9:16 and I’m singin’ this song
Thinkin’ ’bout the words you spoke to me
Yesterday when you called on the phone
You said you couldn’t come today coz you have a headache
Y ou are feeling ill
So many things I’d like to say to you
But now you’re far away

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