How could one go so far
As to destroy a entire world
I have never felt so cold
I will never feel again

How could one wage this war
To rain fire down upon a populace
That has built this world
That will feed this world

Feeling the weight of all this
I’m finding it hard to breathe
Trying to bring justice
To all that has been lost

And now this suffering
All of this agony we must bear
And now we bleed

Greed is a fault and money is the root of all evil x2

For so long, we’ve struggled, with the crimes of the past
For to long, consumed, by the greed in all of this
How could you, how could we, let this come to pass
All of thee, emptiness, leaves us to pick up the pieces
Pick up the pieces

And now we bleed!

And now this suffering all of this agony we must bear x2

And now you realize
That when this world comes to an end
Inside you will be the one
But the one who makes the fire
Wait for just a second and maybe you will realize
That without their world
Ours will never survive
What does it feel like to destroy the innocent
Watching as beauty turns into ash
Turns into ash

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