(D. Vaughn, M. Clayton, B. St.James)
There’s an old pair of sneakers dangling from a wire
And my old rusty engine is in need of some brand new tires
And from my front steps, the last of the weekend vettes goes blasting by
Won’t be nothing so cold as this beach in the winter time
Sun’s been down since you’ve been gone, and I don’t know why or for how long
The same old record played
I’ve been trying to move along, but I keep on singing the same old song
The end of the summer days, end of the summer days
I can still hear you laugh, with your hair blowing back in my car
I can still feel your curves, when we danced in that boardwalk bar
And I can still taste your lips from that one last stolen kiss
By the firelight
Won’t be nothing so cold as this beach in the winter time
One day you just felt a change and slipped away
Maybe it was never meant to be
Now the sound of footsteps makes me hope and pray you’re coming back to me
There’s a warm breeze that’s blowing as the shadows go tumbling by
And it’s picking up sand, and that must be what’s in my eye
(chorus repeats 2x…)
End of the summer days, oooh

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