You’re smiling as you shoot to kill the animal that has
a will
to live to breath to kill to eat, feel the soil beneath
its feet
You ride your horse across the land fox at your feet
gun in your hand
hold up high your face of shame to you its just a
bloody game

Who’s the animal you or the fox, its plain for all to
Your legs are clean but your hands are stained with
causing so much pain and misery

They kill for food and not for fun, why d’you have to
pull your gun
the fox is very much in need its just a reflection of
your greed
You like to hear the creature wail you can always shred
the tail
its just snobbery someone stop the insanity



So can’t you see you’re just a fool you’ve broken every
golden rule
You turn your nose up in the air at those of us who
really care
So have your drink and have your fun but try to save
the scarlet one
Called the master of the hunt, you’re just a silly boy!


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