Cause all the love you had to give
was never, never ment for me.
I see the way you look at her
She’s everything you’re living for.
And now there’s such a miracle
when it comes knocking at your door, but
I don’t know what to do, I’m in love too.
Can’t see where I’m supposed to go from here, oh
There’s no way in, there’s no way out
you’re the one I’m living for
you’re the one I have to live without.
I came on, oh
I can’t let go
cause I have found the greatest love,
the greatest love you’ll never know.
So until I find my way
tomorrow’s just another day.
And you are just a lonely wind
that never ever sees the way in.
Someone hear my prayers
someone somewhere
cause I know I can’t go on this thing forever.
I’ve never laughed, I’ve never cried
our love can’t live
but my love, my love will never die
I’m living for a fantasy, something that could never be

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