Oh, what happened?
You know when love comes
It seems you’re never ready
That’s why they call it the rush

Running right through my head
[Incomprehensible] (The rush)

Tell me, tell me are you there?
Could it be that you’re the answer to my prayer?
See, I’ve prayed for peace and love like so many of us do
Then I prayed to find someone like you, yeah

Up in the morning, fell out of my bed
Worn out, I couldn’t sleep
Thoughts of you filled my head
How could it be, this is scaring me
(The rush)

It seems every time I try to rest my heart is when
The rush is back again
Maybe this time I’ll make it work somehow
Guess, I’m gonna find out now

I get a rush and it’s love for sure
What else can it be? Something beckons me and I go back for more
Oh, such a rush, running right through my head, can’t pass love by
What else can I do? Something tells me to give it one more try, yeah

I’m not gonna die if love passes me by
It goes and comes around, I know
So maybe the next time, I’ll be one of the few
Chosen by love to do just what I wanna do

I will carry on wading through every day ’til love needs me
Waiting for the rush to come and find me
I can forget back when love was an angel sent
It will be back again

I don’t remember when, I can’t remember how
It’s very different now
It ain’t a fantasy, it’s very real to me
True to the touch, I get a rush

I get a rush and it’s love for sure
What else can it be? Something’s calling me and I go back for more
Yeah yeah

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