Withered flowers hem my toilsome way
The armies of spring defeated long ago
Where hopeful green once covered the land
Now decay and death rule everywhere

Shaggy crows, plaguing the soil, await the kingdom of
Grey and dirty the day laments, and a dust-hidden
sunset blurs the sky

Through valleys of shadow, over hills of forlorn beauty
I drive my feet to a tower, where the night shall bring

(lead – Hilbert)

The highest mountains provoking
Black stone forms a needle
Piercing the clouds at the horizon
It marks my quests solution

Reaching the massive gate, darkness takes the land
With the moon racing the heavens, behind wild and hoary

Looking down from the spire
I see the world beneath my feet
In the safety of this place
My present to mankind reveals

All human eager firestorms, the foul stench of lost
Vast pains and bitter grief, for only one now to

I enlighten the fields below, thunder roars throughout
the plane
Gathering the ancient demons, sorrows last tunes now

Calling the mighty forces
Of this buildings secret powers
A breach to the inner core
Opens as a voracious door

(lead – Hilbert)

With a black holes gravity
It inhales the outer tragedy
Gateways to exterminate
What we’ve done in our hate

My energy exhausted
My mind totally frosted
With all my memories erased
Here, as a guard I stay defaced

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