Damp places
And rocky pates
Do create the landscape
Of my previous experiences
Which form the lonely way
Of my life
Now step by step
I try to continue
Again towards my future
Waiting to find any green meadow
In which some well
Standing rainbow grows up

Who shows me
The right way?

I try… I try going on
But in every minute that I walk
It wearies more to continue my way
And if I stop for a minute to breathe
When I want to undertake my running

My body weights as a trunk
My legs are rigid
From my feet grow some roots up
That penetrates in the puddle ground
My arms strech as branches
My fingers are bitter fruits
And my mind doesn’t understand
Why all these changes are happening
Motionless in the middle of this way
I feel
I feel
I feel that somebody lies
It comes to me
It comes to me
It comes to me floating, dancing with the wind
They are the shadows
They are the shadows
They are the shadows of my past

They have
Done this to me

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