Once there was a hero
Believing he would live
Forever and ever more
That’s how the story goes
Humans forget the laws
Eternal, immortal
They try to have it all.

In your arms, your brother died
In his eyes, you saw your own future
In your heart, a doubt is rising, growing more and more
What do you hope from your quest?
You can’t fight the stream of time
Moments will pass, whoever you are, king or slave

I cannot renounce my timeless illusion

Can you hear the sound of your wasted days,
Saying “Tick-Tock”, time’s running out?
How long is the lifeline Gods drew for you?
Does it haunt you, hurt you, to reach the deadline?

You beg for a minute more,
What would you do if you’d get it?
Would you spend it crying on your own fate and losing
your mind?
Somewhere a clock is ticking,
Sometime your bomb will burst,
What would you cry for when you reach the end of the

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